Tuesday, November 30, 2004

busy day at work

mondays are usually slow. but today was different. tying up loose ends of a campaign, working on baselines, three-hour meeting with a client who normally wraps up things within half-hour. it was one of those days where lots of chhota stuff got done.

Monday, November 29, 2004

how i got into advertising

one of my colleagues today returned my copy of david ogilvy's masterpiece ' ogilvy on advertising'. and in the process gave me my blogging idea for the day.
it's a very special book for me. it changed my life. i first came across this book as an extremely frustrated second year engineering student. by then i had realised just how much i hated studying engineering. but had no clue how to get out of the mess. my confidence in my abilities had hit rock bottom. and then i stumbled into this book.
it saved me. the more i read it, the more i realised that advertising was just the career for me. the next two years were spent doing the rounds of ad agencies. understanding the business. meeting people. writing ads for all the brands i could think of. and, oh, yes, scraping through my engineering exams. well, just about.
i was so sure about copywriting as a career, i didn't apply for even one interview in my field of specialisation. instead, i did the rounds of all the agencies in town. and then, finally, managed a break at a very small agency.
it's been three years since. during which time, i've realised that i belong here in advertising. certainly, a much happier person than who i was in college. it's only appropriate to end this post with one of ogilvy's favourite scottish sayings:
try to be happy while you are living, for you are a long time dead.

degree copy's debut

finally, here's a blog where i'm going to put down my own name after each post. it's taken a year of blogging and hajaar blogs before karthik comes out of the closet ;-)) !! let the show begin!.

the copy drinkers