Tuesday, December 14, 2004

the dum dum bullet

i'm currently reading the 'dum dum bullet (ddb)' by sandeep goyal . he's the chairman of the indian arm of dentsu, the world's largest ad agency.

i've read quite a few books on advertising and liked most of them. of these, ddb is the second book i'm reading that's been written by an indian. the first one being 'a double life' by alec padamsee, which is quite crappy.

sandeep's book is different. you can breeze through it. written in simple english, with absolutely no pretenses. what-you-see-is-what-you-get kinda style. which has worked well in this case. it's a ringside view of how the industry works in india. i like this book for a very simple reason: as an indian ad exec, i effortlessly connect with most of his experiences. the enthu, the tension, thrill, the frustration, the weird characters one comes across, the exhilaration... the whole gamut of emotions that make advertising a crazy way to earn a living.

reading it at the end of a rather tough and confusing day actually made me feel better. and happy to be in this industry.

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