Sunday, January 30, 2005


volvo double berth
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it's spacious. it's clean. it's comfortable as can be. believe it or not, it's a volvo!

as i had mentioned in a previous post, my wife and i made a quickie trip to bangalore on the 26th. the trip was kinda sudden, we didn't have time to book train tickets. so we just landed up at the koyambedu bus stand in chennai. and booked two tickets on the volvo 'ac-sleeper' bus to bangalore.

and the vehicle is pretty amazing! two rows of berths on either side of the aisle. on the left are two tiers of five double berths each. which adds up to a total of 20 passengers. on the right, two tiers of five single berths each. which adds up to 10. a total of 30 passengers can travel in comfort on the volvo.

each berth comes with a soft bed, blankets, 2 reading lamps, a fan, and (in case you plan to get naughty) curtains for privacy! all for 500 bucks a ticket. expensive? i think so. but if you want to travel at short notice, and do it in comfort, try a volvo.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

a noisy conscience

those were my wife's words. i put them up there because i felt they best described what i am going through right now. i am back from a gruelling session at work. on a saturday, which is usually a holiday. but this wasn't one of those days. all of us slogged our asses off, and yet the bloody work just didn't seem to get over. i finally managed to finish my stuff and managed to salvage what was left of the saturday.

turns out some of my colleagues are still at work. in fact, i just got a call from one of them. and this poor bugger needs a life. a bloody fucking break is what he needs. anyway, he's still there at work. and that kinda made my conscience go boom-boom-boom. why do i feel like this? i dunno. off late, no matter how much i put in, i still feel i haven't given it my all. this is very unlike me!! no seriously, suddenly i seem to have just become really dissatisfied with my efforts and attitude towards a lot of things in life. and want to change them all with the vengence tdp mlas with naxalite backgrounds are famous for! anyway, as i said, something's changed. but i think this is good. no room for complacency. fucking push, push, push the bloody limits of my abilities. and let's see what comes out of it.

Friday, January 28, 2005

turning 26, and a quick trip to bangalore

i turned 26 on january 25th. it was a chance to look back on some of the things that have happened off late. some good, some bad. i see it as a learning experience. a chance to grow. work my butt off, and take nothing for granted. the good thing is i'm really kicked about doing some great work. enthu levels are higher than they were a few months ago. i guess that's because of the session we all had with mr. ramesh ramanathan, fmr national creative director, saatchi and saatchi(hey, that reminds me, i must write a post about that workshop, sometime later.).

made a lightning trip to bangalore with my wife on the 26th. it was an official visit for her, and i went along. it was fun. some interesting experiences made it a worthwhile trip. more about it in the posts to follow.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

escalator excitement

my wife and i go to spencer plaza every now and then. window shopping, looking out for new mags and novels at landmark , a bite at shree mithai, all part of the visit. sometimes we sit at this place near the escalators, where you can watch the crowds go up and down the escalator.

i really enjoy looking at the expressions on the faces of some of the people who are unfamiliar with the escalator. the initial hesitation. the apprehensive hop onto the first step. the awkward stance as the escalator moves. a whole plethora of emotions. and it's different for each one of these guys. the fear and apprehension are replaced by giggles and excitement. when they get off the escalator, they invariably look back at the contraption, and are like, wow, that was fun!

for some reason, i never get bored of watching these people. one reason is that i enjoy looking at crowds, but it's more than just that. it's about how people react when faced with something they haven't experienced before. but that in no way stops them from going right ahead and trying it out. and enjoy those little moments of excitement that these contraptions sometimes create.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

bitten by the travel bug

there's this bugger at work i am so bloody jealous of. the fellow takes off to different parts of the country at the slightest opportunity. he's just back from a five-day trip to the south of tamil nadu. he spent two days at work. and is off to karnataka for the week-end. a few years back- hell, may be even a few months back- i wouldn't have thought much of it. never travelled much in my life. never missed it. but, now, i'm not so sure. there's this urge deep inside to just get the hell out of the madness of the city. run, run like my ass is on fire. sit in some train or bus or anything that moves and go to some distant place. and become a different person for the next 48 hrs or whatever.

the only reason i never travelled much is that i am a fussy creature. worried about water, food and all that. never the right attitude for someone who wants to travel, i guess. i now realise that as a result of my fussiness, i am missing out on so much. i was talking to this guy at work about some nice places to visit in tamil nadu. and was so tempted to chuck everything and run with the wife. must do something about it. on weekends or may be even take the friday or monday off. and discover the traveller in myself!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

flirting with adobe

i am a copywriter by profession. the funny thing is, some of my best ideas are visual; the copy being a straightforward line. this has raised an interesting question: should i learn to work on adobe illustrator?

the idea kinda excites me. i sometimes envy the way some of these art guys sit at their comps and nurse the layout! they are in a world of their own. very quiet, focused and in total concentration. the comparison with little kids drawing with their crayons won't be out of place. only the tools are different. imacs, for example! ok, not all of them. still, they get cool toys to play with.

it's actually not a bad thing: learning adobe illustrator will also mean an addition to my skill set. i can keep working on some layouts and familiarise myself with the software.

let me be clear about this: i thoroughly enjoy ideating and writing copy. but, you know, there are times when i feel like a helpless git even as i watch my art-partner caress and cajole the mouse enroute to a great ad! ;-)

Sunday, January 16, 2005

working weekend

spent yesterday and today working on a campaign that has to be completed tomorrow (wow, i like this sentence!!). today, in particular, was very irritating. spent the whole day looking for images for the campaign. usual suspects for the visuals: getty and corbis. but the internet speed was so slow, i had to connect a hajaar times before finding a few decent images. was not too keen to log on again. but, kya kare, was feeling guilty that i hadn't blogged for a few days!! my wife, the sweetheart that she is, took it all very patiently!

Friday, January 14, 2005

karthik ban gaya model!

an art director colleague of mine had been bugging me for the past few days to model for one of her assignments! the past few days had been really hectic with loads of other projects. so neither of us found the time to get working on this one. yesterday, we finally got down to shooting me. the best part was that the shoot came after a pretty rough meeting with a scum of client! but we put it all behind us, and had a blast. well, at last i did!!! no, wait, i think they did too. considering it's a long weekend because of pongal, i'll know how the shots came out only next monday. you know, actually, i'm quite curious to see how the whole thing has come out. a little apprehensive, as well. but what the hell, i can actually put it down on my CV: copywriter-cum-model!!

Monday, January 10, 2005

conmen of kanchi

i've been wanting to write about the whole kanchi episode for some time now. but for some reason or the other, never quite got down to it. so here goes.

i just saw on ndtv 24/7 that while the senior shankaracharya has been granted bail, his junior is now counting the bars of chennai central jail.

ok, here's my take on the whole issue: i think both the guys are involved in the murder of shankararaman. raman was being a nuisance to these two guys. from all those reports in the media, i think the two godmen clearly enjoyed the good life. and the mutt, flush with funds, ensured they never lacked for luxury. the only sore point was raman screaming foul, which of course wasn't taken seriously. until raman lost his life.

now, the two acharyas are doing the rounds of courts and jails, like petty politicians. that in itself is humiliating for any decent man. leave alone a man of god. but i don't think the two shankaracharyas can claim to be men of god. they probably never were, in the first place. i don't think the courts will ever pronounce them guilty. but it doesn't really matter. the damage is done. no religion needs people like them.

Sunday, January 09, 2005


man, this is great. i think i caught a cold from some of the guys at work. a few very hectic days at work made things only worse. feeling slightly better today. i'm supposed to be working on a campaign today, but in no mood to think about new ideas!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

objectives 2005

ever since the start of the new year, i've been wanting to put down a few goals/objectives i'd like to accomplish in 2005. so here's the list for 2005:

i'm gonna blog regularly this year. it's all about sitting down for 15 minutes, think of something you feel strongly about and then write about it. it boils down to plain vanilla discipline.

i'll exercise regularly this year. last year, at one really low point, i couldn't pull on a pair of pants without huffing and puffing. but i've been exercising regularly for the past few weeks. and am enjoying it. so, hey, i'll just keep at it!

i'm gonna learn to cook. i'm a foodie. but for sometime now, i've been thinking that i must learn to cook at least some of the stuff i eat. somehow, i always feel that people who cook are more accomplished in life! don't ask me to explain that!!

i'll read more. ok, i probably read more books (some were absolutely fantastic!) in 2004 than in any other year. i'll try and better that in 2005.

i'd like to travel. visit some nice, quiet places this year, with my wife. squeeze in a little time, a little money, a little planning, and i think it's possible to do some travelling without too much trouble.

financial planning. last year, i took my first tentative steps towards saving for the long run. in 2005, i hope to consolidate those efforts. and take it further. again, this comes down to discipline.

do some fabulous pieces of advertising. i was happy with some of the work i did last year. but, then, as all advertising folks know, you are only as good as your last ad. so, i'm just gonna keep at it, and give it my best!

shopping for relief

my opinions here are based on the accounts of colleagues who visited a few villages affected by the tsunami26/12.

my colleagues were part of a team that took two trucks of relief material to the affected places. the relief material included clothes, blankets, rice, milk powder, toiletries, medicines etc. they spent three days with the villagers trying to distribute relief material. but, apparently, the people out there had a different idea. they were quite specific about what they wanted. ordinary soap wouldn't do for them. no sir, nothing but lux is good enough for their body care. damn, we should've done our homework. and, by the way, fellows, ordinary milk powder just wouldn't do. they want their cuppa horlicks; that's the secret of their energy. duh! how could we forget that. and we are supposed to be advertising professionals. of all of humanity, we should've understood that the brand is everything, tsunami or not. i'm so bloody disappointed with us.

don't get me wrong. as a copywriter, this is music to my ears. when people specifically ask for brand x,y or z, it's proof that advertising works. but at times like this, can the affected lot afford the luxury of brand loyalty? some of them certainly think so.

Monday, January 03, 2005

feeling soooo tired!

gosh, i'm so tired. made worse by a bike that's acting up. pushed it a fair distance before spotting a mechanic. was so disgusted, i asked him to fix it real good. gonna cost me a neat packet. but what the hell, i might as well get it fixed.
it wasn't a hectic day at work actually. things were quite under control. but it's just one of those days, i guess. i haven't blogged in two days, and didn't want to lose the blogging habit. so made it a point to blog early and call it a day. so chalo, post khatam. good night.

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