Thursday, January 20, 2005

bitten by the travel bug

there's this bugger at work i am so bloody jealous of. the fellow takes off to different parts of the country at the slightest opportunity. he's just back from a five-day trip to the south of tamil nadu. he spent two days at work. and is off to karnataka for the week-end. a few years back- hell, may be even a few months back- i wouldn't have thought much of it. never travelled much in my life. never missed it. but, now, i'm not so sure. there's this urge deep inside to just get the hell out of the madness of the city. run, run like my ass is on fire. sit in some train or bus or anything that moves and go to some distant place. and become a different person for the next 48 hrs or whatever.

the only reason i never travelled much is that i am a fussy creature. worried about water, food and all that. never the right attitude for someone who wants to travel, i guess. i now realise that as a result of my fussiness, i am missing out on so much. i was talking to this guy at work about some nice places to visit in tamil nadu. and was so tempted to chuck everything and run with the wife. must do something about it. on weekends or may be even take the friday or monday off. and discover the traveller in myself!

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