Sunday, January 30, 2005


volvo double berth
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it's spacious. it's clean. it's comfortable as can be. believe it or not, it's a volvo!

as i had mentioned in a previous post, my wife and i made a quickie trip to bangalore on the 26th. the trip was kinda sudden, we didn't have time to book train tickets. so we just landed up at the koyambedu bus stand in chennai. and booked two tickets on the volvo 'ac-sleeper' bus to bangalore.

and the vehicle is pretty amazing! two rows of berths on either side of the aisle. on the left are two tiers of five double berths each. which adds up to a total of 20 passengers. on the right, two tiers of five single berths each. which adds up to 10. a total of 30 passengers can travel in comfort on the volvo.

each berth comes with a soft bed, blankets, 2 reading lamps, a fan, and (in case you plan to get naughty) curtains for privacy! all for 500 bucks a ticket. expensive? i think so. but if you want to travel at short notice, and do it in comfort, try a volvo.

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