Thursday, May 12, 2005

ctrl+alt+del pen

here's something i've thought about often, but never got down to blogging about. until horror of horrors, i saw ravi had beaten me to it!

when was the last time you actually wrote something? as in, put pen to paper. not banging away at a keyboard like maniacs overtaking a deadline from the wrong side. turns out there are quite a few who haven't done it in sometime. and massage their hands like kids from class-2 asked to write 5-times tables 10 times. this after plodding through five lines on a piece of paper.

come to think of it, it's so bloody ironical. a good deal of blood, sweat, tears and the occasional whack from a disgusted parent is invested in teaching little ones to hold the treacherous pencil, and doodle in a book. sometimes it takes hapless teachers years before they decipher what has gone into those notebooks. and then, suddenly, without warning, the poor kid is introduced to the personal computer.

he isn't slow in catching on to the benefits, however. fingers don't need to be sharpened, or leak ink. you don't have to ever refill a finger. and the best part is you can write with both hands, where previously only one was gainfully employed. in addition, there's ctrl c+ctrl v, delete and other goodies that bill gates and his good men have given us. and slowly but surely, the pen retreats into the blinding darkness of the pocket. to be retrieved only when announcing one's arrival at work, or the infuriating departure of a check. unlike rk narayan's writerly life, today it's ctrl+alt+del for the pen.

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