Wednesday, June 08, 2005

laloo inclusion unconstitutional: barbie devi

laloo yadav is now available at a toystore near you! yes, you can now gift your little ones a laloo doll decked up in shri laloo-ji's trademark white pyjama kurta. laloo's entry into doll-dom has proved to be a super hit with kids, and the dolls are selling like hot cakes. while that is certainly good news for laloo-ji, the doll mazdoor zangh is displeased with the way events have played out. for the first time ever, smt. barbie devi, the unquestioned diva of dollywood spoke to degreecopy in an exclusive interview

degreecopy: barbie devi, were you surprised when sri laloo was launched into dollywood?
smt barbie devi: well, considering that the elections are to take place in bihar, one can expect netas to resort to gimmicks. but yes, i was taken aback with lalooji's decision to enter dollywood.

degreecopy: he did consult you on the move. why did you advise him against it?
smt. barbie devi: see, dollywood is not child's play. all of us....superman, gi joe, he-man, we've worked our way up dollywood. it is an industry full of professionals who have decades of success behind them. we've worked our way up the toy ladder. my personal opinion is that laloo's entry will politicise the doll world.

degreecopy: what took place at the emergency meeting at doll-bhawan?
smt.barbie devi: frankly, the mnc dolls were perturbed at the turn of events. they felt it will not be a level playing field once laloo steps in. there are fears in dollywood that laloo will soon move a motion to promote desi-dolls, and sideline the mncs. he might demand reservation and subsidies on membership to the dollhousie (the exclusive doll resort).

degreecopy: but he has proved to be a hit with the kids...
smt.barbie devi: arre, what is so great about it? it's the initial hype. kids like anything new. let us wait... lets see the situation a few months down the line. besides, he has always been a hit with you media fellows. you put him on the front page and on tv. he has bribed dukaanwaalas to put him on the main shelf in their store. to give him maximum coverage. but i am confident that merit will triumph.

degreecopy: some would say dollywood has over-reacted to laloo's success...
smt. barbie devi: obviously, we are under pressure to do something about it. we owe it to our owners. gi joe will soon get a desi makeover from one of india's top fashion designers. superman will for the first time carry a lathi on his journey... so yeah, everyone is dealing with it in their own manner.

degreecopy: you were not in favour of his medical reimbursement package....
smt. barbie devi: that's utter nonsense. i will never indulge in such infantile acts. in fact, i demanded that every member of dollywood have equal rights to plastic surgery, liposuction and every other medication necessary to deal with abuse from children. dollywood is a tough industry after all.

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