Wednesday, August 31, 2005

happy blogday to you

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On the occasion of International Blog Day, a few words from our founder:

May you all continue to find the keys to great posts.

May you be showered with countless comments.

May you be blessed with a thousand links.

May you attend countless blogger meets, and discover the typefaces and point sizes of some of the folks who dropped by your blog.

And last but not the least May: May you continue taking your daily cuppa degreecopy.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

freedom jam 2005

after the august 15th show got cancelled, this year's edition of the freedom jam finally happened on august 27th, at the Palace Grounds in bangalore. with over 50 bands performing across three stages, it was a treat for music lovers in the city. almost all the bands played heavy metal, with a little jazz, fusion and indian classical music thrown in.

freedom jam is bangalore's annual music festival, which provides a platform for bands to showcase their talent, while the public can attend the festival, for free. it goes without saying that it's a wonderful way to discover new talent. fourth dimension, yello, esparanto and liquid groove were some of the bands that played some good original stuff.

"Fourth Dimension" at the Freedom Jam 2005
fourth dimension played a couple of original numbers that had the crowds grooving. unfortunately for these guys, their slot was early on in the show, when the crowd was just beginning to build up.


Premonition played heavy metal. they were one of so many bands that sounded so similar. the fine line between heavy metal and noise was put to the test!

Little ones from "Nadopasana" pay tribute to Purandaradasa
indian classical music found its voice at freedom jam 2005, through these little girls who sang meera bhajans, songs by purandaradasa and a few more. egged on by their teacher and proud parents, they were cheered all the way through their performance.

Good heavy metal stuff from "Yello"

bali, prakash and pravin belong to different bands. but they came together for the freedom jam as "Yello" and belted out some wonderful heavy metal stuff. much to the relief of a crowd that was tired of some of the noise dished out by the others.

Fusion numbers from "Esparanto" at the Freedom Jam 2005
subramanium, subramanium, shanmughanatha, subramanium... classical indian songs set to rock music. that was esparanto, which comprised of a dutchman, three indians and a chap from denmark. though i didn't like the 'subramanium' number, some of the instrumental stuff was pretty good.

Friday, August 26, 2005

degreecopy gets a logo

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Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me immense pleasure to introduce degreecopy’s very own logo! It was a fond wish of degreecopy’s founder and editor/photographer/senior correspondent/sub-editor/trainee clerk, karthik venkat that this blog must have its own logo. Today, on the auspicious occasion of Gokulashtami, our founder’s wish has been realized.
(Tears of joy flow down founder’s cheeks, even as audience breaks into applause.)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

for adults only

The perfectly respectable newspaper my wife works for, could soon join pornography, driving and marriage (not necessarily in that order, please to note!) in the ‘for-adults-only’ category. The Supreme Court, on the basis of a public interest litigation wants clarification from newspapers and news agencies, on whether their content is suitable for consumption by those under 18.


It’s a valid question, I s’pose. What with all the gristly stories of rape, murder, terrorism, riots and ghastly photos of these incidents. Fair enough. I mean, when you can rate movies on the basis of content, the least the SC could do was to ask the newspaperwallas what they think about the idea. Going by some of the stuff found in newspapers, some would say an ‘A’ certificate would do perfectly well next to the masthead. But do stop for a moment, and think about the larger implications.

Families with members below 18 would be forced to take tough measures. For starters, hiding the newspaper the moment it arrives would become unavoidable. Of course, adults in the family would have to read the newspaper in absolute privacy (look at the brighter side: you would be urged by the wife to read the paper in the loo.). A cupboard with a brand new lock and key would be in order: to keep the collection of old newspapers out of the reach of an impressionable young mind. There is however the tricky issue of selling old newspapers to the raddiwalla. Unlike newspapers, you and I may not have the license to sell adult material in the open market. To save us the bother, some conscientious newspapers may even carry statutory warnings: please destroy newspaper after reading contents.

Now let us examine the matter from the perspective of those below the age of 18. Unsurprisingly, some will not be affected by the ban, being disinterested in matters of general interest. Even for those with selective interests-like sports and cinema- offending material will be religiously censored. youngsters will find that ever-vigilant parents have expertly cut out photographs of shapely women tennis players receiving a serve during matches. tough luck, raging hormones. but, by far, the biggest blow will be struck on nerdy teens. the types who proudly showcase their certificates won at numerous general knowledge quizzes. the future will indeed be bleak for these unfortunate youngsters.

however, even among these, hope will flicker for a brave few. if their fathers and uncles could hide and hoard Playboy magazines, by jove, why not newspapers! and so every nerd worth his name will soon begin to stash away newspapers in school bags, cricket kits and anywhere his geeky imagination might lead him to. but there will be setbacks, of course. mothers are bound to accidentally discover the accursed newspapers, and break down inconsolably, wondering where they went wrong. but, lets face facts, such stray incidents are bound to occur. we will not be discouraged. tough as it might be, we shall strive to protect our innocents from the grubby claws of newspapers.

and may god bless the soul that thought of this public interest litigation. amen.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

netas @

Turns out the software and BPO industries aren’t the only ones to suffer from high attrition rates in bangalore. If the recent headlines in newspapers are anything to go by, politicians are also sprucing up resumes and working the phones to their headhunters. Degreecopy recently spoke to leading headhunters across bangalore, concerning the high rates of job dissatisfaction among even high-profile executives of political parties.

“Unlike software companies and BPOs, political parties have turned out poor results for the past few quarters. And that has put considerable pressure on all concerned,” said a headhunter at ma-fraud. There are rumours that former deputy chief minister of Karnataka shri siddu was seen loitering around ma-fraud’s premises, after he was sacked unceremoniously last week. “We do not share information regarding our clients,” was all the placement agency had to say, when quizzed about the matter.

Siddu was among the few professional managers at the senior management level of the family concern of jd supremo deve gowda. He was seen as a major hurdle in the way of the blossoming careers of shri gowda’s children. Hence the pink slip. Even as the janta dal and congress were busy with dirty laundry in the boardroom, an interesting drama was playing out at the other end of town.

The high-profile hr head of the bjp had to rush down to bangalore for an emergency closed-door session with his regional head, Shri Yeddi. Yeddi is believed to be extremely unhappy about the inter-departmental rivalry with his colleague Shri. Ananthu, and has accused shri ananthu of trespassing departments. Yeddi had even made threatening noises about launching his own start-up, and taking a portion of the existing business, as well. While matters have been resolved for the moment, Mr.Yeddi’s courtesy visit to Siddu hasn’t gone unnoticed. Sources believe the two industry veterans discussed the possibility of a start-up venture together.

Even as these corporate wars play out in boardrooms, placement firms are deluged with resumes of countless executives, cutting across party lines. In order to cater to the sudden demand, agencies like ma-fraud have even set up special cells at holiday resorts. “Having seen how politicos rush to holiday resorts to hold their flock together, we felt it made good business sense to open a branch at the resort,” said a placement executive to degreecopy.

So even as netas dust off their resumes, headhunting firms themselves have gone on a recruitment overdrive to meet the sudden demand. giving rise to speculation that the next sunrise industry could well be their own.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

aaja meri auto mein bait-ja

Crowds waiting impatiently at a bus stand, even as autos letch and ogle at them. Reminds me of a scene straight out of a hindi potboiler: the poor heroine waiting for her late latif lover boy at a park or a beach, pretending to ignore the lewd remarks and stares from the scumbags going that way.

It’s amazing how auto drivers have fine-tuned this act to the level of an art form. It’s a peak hour. Everybody is at the bus stand, waiting to go to work or return home. It’s been quite some time, but the infuriating bus is yet to show up. The heroine’s character plays out amongst the crowd: “why does he come late every day? It’s sickening, standing here and waiting for him. I’m gonna wring his little neck when he shows up. Sheesh, it’s too much.”

That’s when the autos show up. the road romeos, literally. Attempting to snatch the hero’s girl in full view. if the same thing were to happen in a movie, the audience would’ve been baying for the loafer’s blood. But when an auto tries to snatch someone waiting for a bus, not an eyelid blinks in protest.

Do observe that the autos don’t actually stop at a bus stand. That’s being desperate. No, they’ll just amble by; not too fast, not too slow. Giving a vulnerable soul in the crowd enough time to get seduced and swallowed by an auto. Needless to mention, the ones who succumb are the ones who don’t have a strong relationship with their buses. They stray at the slightest temptation. The guilt that follows is terrible. Countless are the people who’ve taken an auto and sunk to the depths of guilt and sorrow, when they see their dear bus go by heartbroken, at a traffic signal.

Be strong. Wait for your bus.

Friday, August 05, 2005

classified calorific information

Every once in a while I get into a generous mood, and decide to donate a few calories. Fortunately, there’s a wonderful park near where I stay, so charity begins closer to home.

Turns out there are many people in the area who are equally eager. So every morning, the park resembles one of bangalore’s choking roads. With lots of folks eager to make tax-free donations. So if you ever feel like taking a walk in Krishna Rao Park in the morning, you’re bound to stumble into one of these:

a) the long-term philanthropists. You can count every bone in their bodies, but bet your last buck that they’ll show up every morning. To give away more calories than the dollars bill gates gives to aids research.

b) the doc-told-me-so-I-come types. They’d rather lie snug in bed, on a chilly bangalore morning. The body language certainly leaves no room for misunderstanding. Two rounds, and they’re out of the place.

c) the old boys philanthropy network. They do make sizeable donations, of course, but would rather do it in the company of like-minded folks. They’re difficult to miss. If you find a swarm buzzing near you, must be them. Bribing government clerks, rahul dravid’s captaincy, a deputy cm disowned by his party, the buzz could be about anything. But it’s difficult to ignore. be warned, you will have problems overtaking them while going about your business. Sufficient experience on the roads of bangalore is needed to negotiate the swarm.

d) the virgin donors. They’ve got I-am-an-enthu-cutlet written all over their face. The misers probably showed up on a moment’s inspiration. You can recognize them by the reckless manner in which they overtake others. At other times, they will pull over to a side to stare a cricket match in session. it is not uncommon to overhear on-the-spot resolutions being made to conscientiously work out everyday. Ninety percent will not show up the next day.

e) There is also a variation of category b). these have been bullied/taunted/kicked into coming to the park. But they will not go down without a fight. If you find a grumpy/sleepy person sitting on one of the benches and staring into eternity, contemplating about a cruel, calorie-conscious world, it must be one of those.

f) the donate-now-dig-in-later types. these have a prickly conscience. so they will religiously walk around the park a few times, and then head for the neighbourhood darshini. to dig into butter dosas, and get some packed for the mrs., as well.

g)Then there’s me. Who goes there, so he can park something here on the blog. ouch, my leg hurts after all this writing!

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

bunch of wannabes

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Mumbai wanted to be Shanghai.

And you, Bangalore, what do you want to be?

the copy drinkers