Thursday, August 11, 2005

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Turns out the software and BPO industries aren’t the only ones to suffer from high attrition rates in bangalore. If the recent headlines in newspapers are anything to go by, politicians are also sprucing up resumes and working the phones to their headhunters. Degreecopy recently spoke to leading headhunters across bangalore, concerning the high rates of job dissatisfaction among even high-profile executives of political parties.

“Unlike software companies and BPOs, political parties have turned out poor results for the past few quarters. And that has put considerable pressure on all concerned,” said a headhunter at ma-fraud. There are rumours that former deputy chief minister of Karnataka shri siddu was seen loitering around ma-fraud’s premises, after he was sacked unceremoniously last week. “We do not share information regarding our clients,” was all the placement agency had to say, when quizzed about the matter.

Siddu was among the few professional managers at the senior management level of the family concern of jd supremo deve gowda. He was seen as a major hurdle in the way of the blossoming careers of shri gowda’s children. Hence the pink slip. Even as the janta dal and congress were busy with dirty laundry in the boardroom, an interesting drama was playing out at the other end of town.

The high-profile hr head of the bjp had to rush down to bangalore for an emergency closed-door session with his regional head, Shri Yeddi. Yeddi is believed to be extremely unhappy about the inter-departmental rivalry with his colleague Shri. Ananthu, and has accused shri ananthu of trespassing departments. Yeddi had even made threatening noises about launching his own start-up, and taking a portion of the existing business, as well. While matters have been resolved for the moment, Mr.Yeddi’s courtesy visit to Siddu hasn’t gone unnoticed. Sources believe the two industry veterans discussed the possibility of a start-up venture together.

Even as these corporate wars play out in boardrooms, placement firms are deluged with resumes of countless executives, cutting across party lines. In order to cater to the sudden demand, agencies like ma-fraud have even set up special cells at holiday resorts. “Having seen how politicos rush to holiday resorts to hold their flock together, we felt it made good business sense to open a branch at the resort,” said a placement executive to degreecopy.

So even as netas dust off their resumes, headhunting firms themselves have gone on a recruitment overdrive to meet the sudden demand. giving rise to speculation that the next sunrise industry could well be their own.

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