Thursday, February 23, 2006

Calling for tenders

Degreecopy had earlier reported on the rot that had crept into the supari system. While the scandal has hopefully led to supari firms restructuring the whole process, prospective supari clients are also doing their bit to bring in more transparency to the process.

Uttar Pradesh Minister for Haj, Mohammed Yakub Qureshi and the Hindu Personal Law Board have led by personal example, in trying to clean up the supari system, by publicly inviting tenders for the assassination of elements with a high nuisance value. “By publicly announcing their dislike for certain elements and a hefty reward for the disposal of said elements, the Minister and the Board have taken a very clear stand, “ sources in the ministry told degreecopy. They were also quick to point out the advantages of this method: firstly, it is open to all. No backward or minority status quotas will be granted to select anti-social elements. Secondly, payments will be made only on completion of the project to the satisfaction of the client, in this case the Minister and the Board. So, half-murders will not be accepted. Thirdly, it’s an all-cash deal: No hanky-panky about bounced cheques, or shares in the sahara parivar group of companies.

Aspiring goons and talented freelance professionals have welcomed the new scheme. ”It has created a level playing field for all of us. Merit and satisfaction of client should be the only criteria. I fully endorse it!”, said a Mumbai-based freelancer to degreecopy. A Bihar-based veteran toughie said that the new scheme will also eliminate discrimination against lesser-known firms. “It was demoralizing to see Mumbai-based supari firms being preferred over moffussil units like ours. I thank the minister for creating a level playing field,” said the grateful goon.

Not that the mumbai-based firms are worried about taking on the competition. “Our executives have handled similar assignments before. It is a perfect blend of youth and experience. We are not worried at all,” said a new business head of a prominent mumbai-headquartered firm.

While the actions of the Minister and the Hindu Board are certainly based on good intentions, one can only wait and watch whether the move actually raises professional and ethical standards in the much stained supari business.

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