Monday, February 20, 2006

Deccan Herald Theatre Festival -II

on hindsight, it turns out that the weakest link of the festival was the first play. days 3, 4 and 5 saw plays presented by CFD, topcast and Art.

CFD presented Hollywood Boy meets Girl. the centre for film and drama is one of bangalore's more talented and experienced groups, and it showed on stage. the play is a comical take on hollywood in the 1930s. an insecure star, a harried studio executive and two scoundrels for writers: perfect ingredients for a rip-roaring comedy. the cast led by prakash belawadi pulled it off to perfection, and had the audience in splits all through.

top cast staged 'the theft' on saturday. it's about how a theft reveals the skeletons in the cupboard of a couple. the lies, the hypocrises, the insecurities they go through. topcast had a brilliant script on their hands. yet, one left the theatre feeling that the cast didn't go for the kill. the script provided the team ample opportunities to up their performance a notch or two. it was a decent performance, but did they let a chance go abegging? to use an anology from cricket, top cast scored a single off a juicy full toss.

the deccan herald theatre festival saved the best for the last. jagdish raja and nandini rao teamed up to perform Valley Song. it's a story about the clash between the enthusiasm of the young and the cynism of the old. well, it could also be the story of a south africa in transition, when apartheid had just been outlawed. it was a treat to watch a seasoned veteran like jagdish raja in action. however, what was equally interesting was to watch young nandini rao match her much senior partner every step of the way. it was, by far, the best play of the festival.

the copy drinkers